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The Final Move is Upon Us!!!

Hello again everyone,

We’ve re-confirmed with the new landlord and he says he’s on track to be out of the new space well before this weekend. That means this weekend’s final move event is still on! We will be packing and moving smaller stuff by car on Saturday and will be moving the larger stuff by truck on Sunday. If at all possible, please plan to stop by and help pitch in.

As with last time, food and beverages will be provided for anyone helping with the work. Start time will be 10 am on Saturday and Noon on Sunday.

Hope to see you all there.

Shawn Blaszak
Pumping Station: One
[email protected]

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Hello again everyone,

I have some good new and some bad news.

First, the bad news. Our new landlord is a little behind in getting his stuff out of the new space. He doesn’t think he can get out of the space completely until the June 16th. That being the case, we will be putting off the final move until that weekend. We will stay at our present location (our present landlord is willing to pro-rate us for the time we are here) and the new landlord won’t be charging us for the time we aren’t in the new location fully. Most of the facilities you’ve grown to love about PS:One will still be available in the mean-time.

The good news is that today’s move efforts went exceptionally well! The new landlord was able to clear out one of the rooms in the new space and we were able to fill that room with a massive amount of PS:One equipment. We also managed to take down a significant amount of the loft. I’d like to thank everyone that came out today and helped make it all happen (both the “morning shift” and the “night shift”). You guys did an exceptional job. All the work we got done today will make the final move that much easier when it happens.

I look forward to seeing you all again at the final move event and will keep you all updated on any changes,

Shawn Blaszak
Pumping Station: One
s[email protected]

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As  you may already know, Pumping Station: One is moving three blocks to a new location at 3519 N. Elston!  The doors open to members starting June 1st.

That means we have just one weekend left to pack everything up and get it moved!  Thankfully, much of it has already been packed and put in the classroom until it’s ready to go. However, there is still a LOT left as well as stuff like the loft to break down!

This Saturday and Sunday (May 26 & 27) we need EVERYONE possible to come out and help get this job done.  We have ~135 members now (YAY!).  If even a fraction of us can make the time to show up, we’ll get this job done in no time.  Work will start at 10am both days and will continue all day and into the night.  If we can get keys from the new landlord ahead of our June 1st lease start, we will proceed to also move the equipment over and begin the process of setting up temporary areas (workshop, electronics lab, etc.)

We have more than enough work gloves to go around and the space will be providing food and beverages for all the workers.  All you need to provide is yourself ready and willing to get some work done.  However, if you happen to have any of the following supplies you can make available, it would be greatly appreciated:

  • Hand carts
  • Moving boxes
  • Moving blankets
  • Pallets (requires a pallet jack of some kind)
  • Pallet jack (or equivalent)
  • Packing tape, Markers, Blank labels (we already have these, so don’t spend money on more, but if you have extra just lying around please bring them along)
  • Vehicles for transporting boxes (if we have the keys.  I’ll let everyone know what the situation is before the days)
  • Large equipment dollies
  • Family or friends willing to help out
  • Anything else you think might be useful

Thank you everyone and I hope to see you all there,

Shawn Blaszak

image: flickr user ASurroca

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Power Racing Series: PS:One GP Early-Bird Test Run Video

PS:One GP, Pumping Station: One’s Power Racing Series team, is proud to present the video evidence of our early-bird test run.  In order to earn 100 points towards the main event at Maker Faire: Detroit, we were challenged to create a video of our car driving, at full speed, on a straight-away run of, at least, 100 feet.  You can check out the proof of our progress below:

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