NERP (Not Exclusively Raspberry Pi) meeting July 30th

Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi

The first meeting of the Embedded Systems But Not Exclusively Raspberry Pi Interest Group (ESBNERPIG or just “NERP”) will be Monday July 30th at 7:00pm. Embedded provides a place to look at trends in embedded computing outside of the basic serial port connected or standalone Arduino. Open standards, embedded interfacing, industrial systems, 32-bit MCU’s, operating systems, development tools, hardware design, form-factors, vendors, and the inevitable competitors of the Raspberry Pi are a few ideas for discussion.

July 30, Jay will start things off with a high-level tour of the Raspberry Pi SBC (Single Board Computer). Those who own a Pi and haven’t booted it yet [me], or who’ve booted their Pi and said “now what?” can watch the demos and follow along to get started and get ideas for things to try. For those who’ve had success with their Pis, we’d especially like to hear from you and see what you’ve got.


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