Arduino for Total Newbies workshop

Hackers on Train 2012 will be pulling into town the first week of August, and maker instructor extraordinaire Mitch Altman will stopping by our hackerspace for a special “Arduino for Total Newbies” workshop on Thursday, August 2nd.  Mitch writes:

You’ve probably heard lots about Arduino.  But if you don’t know what it is, or how you can use it to do all sorts of cool things, then this fun and easy workshop is for you.  As an example project, we’ll be creating a TV-B-Gone remote control out of an Arduino you can take home with you.

Registration: Eventbrite (space is limited so please register as soon as possible)

Cost: $40

Date: Thursday, August 2nd, 2012

Time: 7:00 – 10:00pm

Where: Pumping Station: One, 3519 N Elston Ave, Chicago, IL 60618

Workshop Itinerary:

  • Very short lesson to learn everything you need to know about electronics!
  • Then we will learn to solder. Don’t let this scare you! Mitch has taught well over 35,000 people to solder, many of whom have never made anything before in their lives. It is actually a very easy skill to learn. It is also very useful.
  • Then we will each make our own Arduino clone from a kit made by Ladyada: BoArduino
  • Now that we each have our own Arduino, we will set up the free and open-source software on our laptops (if you bring one) — Windows, MacOS, or Linux are all fine!
  • And then its time to make something and learn how easy it is to use Arduino! Mitch will show you how to read schematic diagrams, and you’ll put together your own TV-B-Gone remote control using your BoArduino. We will use a solderless breadboard. These are really useful, and provide a fast, and very easy way to put circuits together without needing to solder.


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5 thoughts on “Arduino for Total Newbies workshop

  1. Missed registration of course (which makes twice for me now, ha)… it sounds like there’s a lot of demand for these classes; I know this instructor isn’t local, but do any of the members offer a similar class more often?

    1. Hi Ryan, we’ve been able to expand our capacity so that those on the wait list like you are able to register. Thanks, Drew

  2. For those not registered for the Arduino class, you can still come by from 7pm – 10pm to check out the fun electronics kits that Mitch Altman and Jimmie Rodgers will have for sale:


    TV-B-Gone — (turn off any TV in public places!)
    Brain Machine — (Meditate, Hallucinate, and Trip Out!)
    Trippy RGB Waves — (interactive blinky lights!)
    LEDcube — (animated 3D cube of LEDs!)
    MiniPOV — (more cool blinky lights!)
    BoArduino — (solderless breadboard Arduino!)
    Diavolino — (shield compatible Arduino from Evil Mad Science!)
    OpenHeart — (animate fun patterns in the shape of a heart!)
    LoL Shield — (Lots of LEDs for your Arduino!)
    Atari Punk Console — (make noise!)
    microcontroller programmer (USBtinyISP)– (program all your AVR family chips!)
    (Mignonette Game and name badge are sold out)

    Please note though that the electronics workshop space and all soldering equipment will be RESERVED tomorrow night for the large Arduino class.

    Mitch & Jimmie will be doing a general kit soldering night at Workshop 88 in Glen Ellyn on Friday which may be of interest:

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