Beer Church – Sunday the 12th, Noon

We’ve been doing this for a while! I guess people enjoy alcoholic mixtures of grains, hops, and other flavorings!

Beer tasting: bring a few bottles of something you like that you think others may not know. We will do a potluck beer tasting. Tiny beer steins (for tiny beers) will be provided but bring your own chalice/mug/other drink receptacle if you prefer. Homebrews are highly esteemed, and you will get some beer peer review from your peers in beer!

We’ll keep on discussing brewing, and even have a few guests coming who have brewed on a pretty large scale before!

You are of course welcome to come even if you do not consume beer or other alcoholic beverages! You must be 21 to drink at beer church. Come on down to 3519 N Elston at 12:00 PM on 8/12!

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