eTextiles Arduino Workshop Recap and Stiches with Switches


The first eTextiles workshop was a blast, and we have another coming up on the first Saturday of March. RSVP soon!

Adafruit has some good tutorials on getting started with the Flora here. After handing out Floras and supplies, we all introduced ourselves, Nate explained the arduino platform and talked through techniques and ideas for doing etextile projects.

  • conductive felt styluses
  • embroidery with conductive thread
  • pressure sensors with velostat and fabric

The flora can work like a usb input device, and someone cut out a kitty shaped pressure sensor that typed “say meow” to the keyboard when pressed. Give focus to a mac’s terminal app and it will send “meow” to the text-to-speech program. This is cute.

meow button

Ever since the workshop we’ve had regular Sunday meetings of “Stitches with Switches”. Come along to one of our Sunday events for a skill share or work on your own projects.

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