Circuit Bending eSymposium Saturday 2/16 at 12 pm

Speak-n-spell + RockBand guitar. Seen at

This Saturday, join Patrick McCarthy and Chicago area circuit benders for a fun approach to learning electronics.

For Beginners:
Merging music, art, and electronics, Circuit-bending is a hands-on, gratifying way to hack circuits by which you can transform a sound-emitting toy into an alien musical instrument. All you need is a battery-powered electronic toy and a few basic tools. Make sure the device you bring has lights or sound, and can be triggered easily. A sound effects box or a toy piano are good choices, a game that must be played is not. Do not bring anything that uses AC voltage.

If you’re an experienced circuit bender and want to show off your work, please attend and bring your instruments!

There is no fee for this event.

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