Elementary Fourier Analysis, Sunday March 24th at 1PM

Engraving of Fourier.

Sines, sines, everywhere a sine.

Engraving of Fourier.
This is a Fourier. We will not be analyzing it.

This 2.5 hour class will cover:

  • When and why does the fourier transform ‘work’? (Convergence conditions, etc)
  • What does linear algebra have to do with Fourier analysis? (A lot.)
  • How do we know it works? (Somewhat rigorous derivation)
  • Are there similar concepts/tools worth knowing? (Yes.)

The overarching goal is to demystify the magic formulas
and give a more conceptual grounding in what’s going on.

Recommended background: Calculus II (integration),
trig identities, and basic knowledge of complex numbers, with a
provided cheat sheet and a refresher/intro to those tools at noon.

  • When: Sunday March 24th at 1PM
  • Where: Pumping Station 1 Electronics Lab, 3519 N Elston Ave
  • What: Deltas, epsilons, bases, sines.
  • Who: All are welcome, PS1 members or not. Please RSVP to patrick.m.dixon@gmail.com by Saturday so I can make enough handouts.
  • Cost: Free!

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