Introduction to PS1: N00bs’ Paradise March 24th at 4pm

Are you interested in learning about PS1 or are generally just new around here?

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, and you’re hardly alone.

We’ve decided to create a formal way of teaching curious new folk how the PS:One community works.

Meet with PS:One old-timers (including at least one former president) to learn the many ways to get involved, and the opportunities available to PS:One members, plus hacks for getting around easier.

You’ll learn:

  • the one and only rule you need to remember at PS:One!
  • what mailing lists and IRC channels you should join
  • how to get discounts on classes, tee-shirts, stuff around town, and even monthly dues!
  • how to get certified on equipment
  • how to donate equipment to PS:One
  • how to create a class, event, group, meeting, or what have you
  • how to request a class, event, group, whatever
  • how to blog
  • the wiki.
  • do-ocracy and how to do-ocratize things

The basics:

  • Who: anyone who wants to learn more about PS:One and how it works
  • When: Sunday March 24th, 4 pm until about 6pm
  • Where: PS:One 1st floor lounge
  • Cost: free

Here are the class notes – please feel free to read beforehand (Note: these notes are not a good substitute for class attendance).

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