NERP tonight: Beagles and Barbells

NERP is not exclusively raspberry pi, the small computer interest group at
Pumping Station:One in Chicago.

Two Pumping Station:One members, Jarrod Wolf and Gabe Priyev, are co-founders of SpotMe (, a startup which aims to “Bring Gyms and Health Clubs into the Digital Age”. Spotme’s patented technology

“… makes fitness easy. SpotMe provides workout plans that are tailored to an individual’s goals and that adapt to a user’s biometrics. Our system is seamless; it does not require user input to function. SpotMe service is offered through a subscription that is bundled with gym memberships. When a member shows up at the gym, they are provided with a personalized workout (accessible via app or print out). All a user has to do is put on a wristband and ankleband. It’s that easy.”

Tonight Gabe will describe how the sensing parts work, and the role of small wireless hardware devices that move data between different parts of the system.

Dem Bones

The Beagle Bone embedded computer is in the spotlight again tonight. Drew Fustini will share some of the BB-related insights he gathered a couple of weeks ago at Design West. This will be the first in a series of talks Drew will give on “official” guidance for new users as offered by the Beagle Bone developers and project evangelists. Good stuff.

Find NERP and Pumping Station:One

NERP meets at 7pm 5-6-13 at Pumping Station:One, 3519 N. Elston Ave. in
Chicago. Doors open at 6:30pm. NERP is free and open to the public.

Ed Bennett ed @ kinetics and electronics . com

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