Cybersecurity for Everyone

Monday November 25 from 7-9pm, Lisha Sterling from Geeks Without Bounds will be teaching Cybersecurity for Everyone at Pumping Station: One.

“No one would want to hack me!” (Famous last words.)

In this workshop, I explain what the real risks and threats are when you put your devices on the Internet and we discuss how to balance convenience with security in a sensible way.

You’ll get to see what wireless traffic looks like when someone’s sniffing it out of the air. You’ll see quickly why HTTPS is important for your personal web browsing, and why just having a WEP or WPA protected wifi connection isn’t good enough. (And if you don’t know what WEP or WPA are, you’ll learn that, too!) I’ll show you how people can find your vulnerable home and office devices — routers, printers and more — and tell you how to protect yourself before you get hit. How secure are your passwords? I’ll teach you a few tricks for creating memorable but unguessable keys for all your digital stuff. We’ll discuss how to use TOR safely, including common pitfalls and we’ll ask, is it possible to have secure email communication? We’ll finish up the evening with a quick tutorial on using Mailvelope for encrypting your webmail.

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