Women’s Electronics Workshops

Our first round of Women’s Electronics Workshops were a huge hit!

I’ve had several requests for more events like this, so I’ve created a Meet Up page for it. Please join it if you’d like to participate.


14-06-28-Chris-n-Rodica 14-06-28-Etienne-BreadboardADSC_4535-Sara-n-Rodica14-06-28-Sheila-n-Kathy   ADSC_4546-Jill-Liz-Solder 

ADSC_4561Jill-solders    aDSC_4582esther-chris-profile ADSC_4587Chris aDSC_4590fumehood-Rodica-sara ADSC_4591jesse-kcb CWD Etienne14506308166_da1bdf4570_o CWD hat14529404555_1fa140ddec_o CWD Sadie 14526016991_22ec8d7131_o CWD teaching 14527954654_9eac14b02d_o DSC_4550nipper-demo

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