NERP Tonite! Raspberry Pi with 3D Resin Printing, Big and Small

A few days ago, Andrew arranged the donation of a ZBuilder ulTra 3d resin printer to PS1. Since Andrew has been working on small a table-top 3-d resin printer using the Raspberry Pi and nanoDLP, it seemed natural to try the nanoDLP controller on the big machine.



As far as we know this retrofit is a new use case for the RPi.



I found the build platform motor leads and Andrew connected them to the nanoDLP system. With a bit of fiddling, the platform started to move as expected. Meanwhile Andrew had a good start on getting the projector to run, and before we were really ready, the essential system components seemed to work. (In the pic below, you can see the the Raspberry Pi logo displaying on the build platform.)


It’s already clear that there are lots of details that need addressing, but those problems seem surmountable.


Andrew Camardella camardea at gmail) is a contract industrial designer and digital fabricator. He works with companies and individuals conceptualizing, creating, and managing new products, taking ideas from sketch to prototype to finished product. He is an expert in the application of 3D processes and technologies to traditional design methods.

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