Power Racing Series Meeting


This Saturday, April 30th, we will meet at 9pm in the shop to discuss our entry into the Power Racing Series. Its a friendly competition between hackerspaces where we modify ride on kids toys and race them at Maker Faires.  We have a car that works great but is in need of TLC. We have a race in San Mateo in a few weeks time and need to get it ready.  We will be discussing what needs to be done for that race and races to come. If you have experience with welding, electronics, fabrication, you are more than welcome. If you don’t have experience, come by and get some. 

We will discuss further meetings and delegate tasks. We might have a semi-regular meeting if possible. We will need volunteers to travel around the country with the car competing at Maker Faires. So if you like road trips, food trucks, and crowded hotels, this might be your thing. Pumping Station: One has not won a race in 5 years, we need to change that. Tomorrow is our first step to reclaiming our glory.

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