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Car-pocolypse 010. Blogging our way to Detroit.

Start: 12:01pm

Why we departed at 12:00, I have no idea. We are three hours behind schedule but we are on our way in the midst of traffic on the Dan Ryan. We almost didn’t go, but Grandpa Kantarek twisted our arms and shamed us into keeping our promises.

Why Detroit? We’re visiting our good friends over at i3Detroit. We should hopefully arrive before 8pm Detroit time, but we’ll be keeping the entire Internet up to date on our progress and the shenanigans involved.

Current Location: Mile Marker 73. I-94, Illinois.

Update: 12:50pm.

Current Location: INDIANA.

Update: 1:10pm. First stop: Cracker Barrel. CIGARETTE.

Next Stop: Cracker Barrel. Oh my god, Cracker Barrel. The delicious, delicious food of America’s greatest restaurant chain. Hello chicken and dumplings.

Update: 2:15pm. Current Location: Leaving Cracker Barrel, barely inside of Indiana.

We all want to die, so much tasty food. If any of you reading this have never been to Cracker Barrel, you are doing something wrong with your life.

Update: 2:30pm. Current Location: Gas Station. Alignment is causing weird noises. Jim has lowered his survival rating.

Update: 2:53pm. Current Location: MICHIGAN! Been reading reddit. Cars are boring. Jim turned into a 5 year old boy when we saw the toy train store billboard. We might have to stop there.

Update: 3:17pm. Current Location: Exit 39. I-94. Michigan. Next stop: Grandpa’s Cider Mill. Note: Jim snores.

Update: 4:06pm. Current Location: I-94. Michigan. Battery is about to die. 🙁 Cider was delicious. Highly recommend visiting Grandpa’s Cider Mill in Coloma, MI. Tasty.

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New Website Design

PS:One Server Racked and Loaded
PS:One Server Racked and Loaded
Hello Internet!

You may have noticed that our humble, digital home is looking a bit different. Last night Ryan and myself burned the 4am oil to rebuild and transfer our website to a new server due to the load issues we have been experiencing. Not only have we made our design so fresh and so clean, but we’ve also switched over to WordPress to ease the blog authoring blues our membership has been experiencing and racked her in a shiny new datacenter with plenty of bandwidth.

If you notice something missing, have no fear! It will return, but possibly in a different location as we are also making some efforts to organize all of our information and additional content to reduce clutter and help our membership contribute more effectively. If you notice any glaring (or minor) issues, please comment and let us know so we can clean up our mess.

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