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PS:One Welcomes Starving Hackers

jordan_is_hungryAt a recent meeting, Pumping Station: One created a new membership
level for folks who can’t afford a full $50 per month for membership. The Starving Hacker membership gives you 24-hour access to the space,
tools and community for $30 per month, with your very own key. Full
members still receive an on-site locker, can vote in all matters of business, and can hold an office.

We’ve talked about this for a while, and we talked to a lot of college
students and people with lower incomes who were interested in joining.
We identified $30 per month as a price point that worked for a lot of

We want to include you: we want your creative energy, and we want
your sense of fun. We want more young members, more artists, and we think
we’ve found a way to be more inclusive and still pay our bills. Come,
join us!

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ChiPy Takes PS:One

To the delight of both groups, Pumping Station: One hosted the monthly meeting of the Chicago Python User Group, on Thursday, October 8th.  Christopher Allan Webber gave a talk about the upcoming release of Blender, version 2.5, and all of its exciting Python hooks. Afterward we broke up Open Space-style, and discussed many Pythonic topics. About twenty people came.

It was our first time hosting an event for an external group, so
things were a little rough around the edges, but it mostly went pretty
well. There was lots of mutual curiosity between the two groups. Video
is forthcoming, and will be linked from here.

Photo by Rob Kapteyn
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