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A music video shot in Pumping Station: One.

Someone hitting red hot metal with a hammer in a forge.

A few months ago I brought in a local Hassidic, folk, duo, the “Rogers Park
Band” to shoot a music video for their new single. The song is an ancient
melody that is sung during the Jewish High Holiday of Yom Kippur. It draws
comparisons on how a craftsman molds his medium into a specific shape or
form, G-D acts similarly with us, shaping and designing us intentionally
into the forms that best suits us.

When Yosef Peysin (frontman) contacted me to see if I could help them with
their music video I knew I had the perfect place for them to film. I had
recently told Yosef of Pumping Station: One when I showed him the ring that
I had just made (How to Make a Ring out of Scrap Copper (How to Make a Ring out of Scrap Copper ) under the guidance of Aushra Abouzeid, the Small Metals Area Host. Being
new to PS:1, I’ve been trying to get authorized on any piece of equipment I
could, yet never made it to the Hot Metal Area yet. Ron Olson, the Hot
Metals Area Host, responded to my request and graciously authorized me
outside of his regular authorization times, which was due to a tight
production schedule on our end. His instruction was wonderful and was no
doubt a large part of the reason that I didn’t blow up the workshop, burn
the space down, and can still proudly display all the body parts I started
with (look Mom! A full complement of fingers and toes!). Thanks, Ron!

We scheduled our shoot for early on a Wednesday morning in the hopes that
everyone would be at work, which was obviously a ridiculous thing to
assume. The neighboring woodshop area started to fill up with artisans who,
for some strange reason, wanted to turn the lights back on (we had turned
them all off and were using special production spotlights to create a
dramatic effect but they wanted them back on, something about working with
power tools in the dark or something unreasonable like that). Thankfully,
the woodshop peeps were kind enough to give us some time to shoot with the
lights off. Thanks, guys!

Here is the final product of our labor. Enjoy!

Rogers Park Band: As Metal is in the Hands of the Blacksmith.


Postscript: The Rogers Park Band does a lot of work with disabled, and
special-needs individuals, check out another of their music videos working
with that theme below!

Roger Park Band: Shared Hearts Music Video.


This post is published by bjonnh, but has been entirely written, endorsed and whatever else by Menachem B.

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Creative Celebrations at the 7th Birthday Party!



People trickled in through the evening and participated in events for our 7th Birthday Party last weekend! Grilled meats, snacks and vegan pizza were served up to the mingling masses. Lockpicking with went down, a group mural went up, games were played, dyes went into fabric and a familiar face returned to our space…

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Lockpicking with TOOOL – ATM Edition.

When I found an ATM in the trash near my office, I knew just what had to be done. It had to come to the hackerspace.

IMAG0183After some help from a friend with a truck, we got the ATM delivered to the space just in time for Lockpicking night with TOOOL – The Open Organization of Lockpickers. (Fig. 1. — pictures after the break)  We set to work on the two (surprisingly basic) pin tumbler locks on the front of the panel, and sprung them in no time. (Fig. 2)  Under the the bottom panel we were greeted with a welcoming safe-door style combination dial. (Fig. 3)  Under the top panel are a power supply, circuit boards for the display, the card reader, the pin entry pad and the LCD buttons, and the receipt printer. (Fig. 4)  Sadly, the main computer had been removed before the unit was thrown out.

That being said, TOOOL is not a computer oriented group, so we were plenty pleased with the new challenge presented to us by the combination lock.  Steve decided to give it a go first, boldly citing his experience in safe cracking school. (Fig. 5)  Dave, not being the patient type, and not being entertained by Steve just poking at his phone, decided to take a more destructive route to enter the ATM with a plasma cutter (Fig. 6) and was rewarded with a large empty space and yet another steel plate.  We will be revisiting opening the door next time, and continuing to seek inspiration for awesome ATM projects.  Let us know what you’d like to see an ATM turned into!

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Special Circuit Bending eSymposium this Sunday

Sunday, April 6

12 PM – 4 PM, FREE

Hacking upstairs in Electronics, open jam session downstairs in the Lounge.

Hosted by Patrick McCarthy of the circuit-bending act Roth Mobot.

Bring something to hack, something to drink, and whatever tools you think you’ll need. PS:One has an excellent assortment of tools but they are finite. Components are available, but please donate some cash to help cover whatever you use.

Radio WFMT will be on location recording a documentary about the eSymposium.

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The Gentle(wo)man Hacker’s RC Airplane

If you’re like me, the RC aviation hobby is as fascinating as it is costly.  In the two videos below that we produced for element14 though, we cover how to convert a $10 foam glider into a great training flier and then get even more bleeding edge with a cheap-but-good-for-the-price setup for flying UAV style with a pistol grip camcorder mounted to the plane that transmits to a screen on the ground.  Dan Meyer with the help of Ken Zinnen walk you through some of the many exciting  facets of radio controlled airplanes.

Solar Charged RC Airplanes from Pumping Station: One on Vimeo.

First Person Remote Control Flying from Pumping Station: One on Vimeo.

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Transmissometer: measures concentration with lasers

I’m starting a company that makes campfire scented cologne, and to solve a problem in my production process, I built a transmissometer.  Here is the video Aaron Kowalski and I made with Element 14‘s support:

Transmissometer from Pumping Station: One on Vimeo.

Here are more details on the device, including photos, schematics, and source code.

Thanks to everyone who helped out with the build and filming!

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Take on the Machine: The Transistor

Who doesn’t love a good zombie hunt?  The Transistor made what looks like  a carnival style shooting game to the style of Shaun of the Dead.  Wonder who their crack shot is?

That’s the last of the 5 Contenders in this hackerspace challenge, but there’s still at least one more video where Mitch Altman will be crowning the coolest project.

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Take On The Machine: Artisans Asylum Starts The Day Off Right

New kids on the block, Artisan’s Asylum are out to make waves with their Wallace and Gromit inspired breakfast making Rube Goldberg Machine.  Take note of their egg cracking contraption which worked beautifully so long as you’re not picky about having yours sunny side up.  I should mention that there was some goading by our own president about Artisan’s project stealing the show.  While I’ll wait for the official word on best in show, I’ll also take a moment to compliment those Boston folk on a job well done, truly a noteworthy hack.

That’s not all the action VIMBY’s got for us though.  The Transistor in Provo, UT is our last contender coming up and I smell some pandering for the zombie enthusiast vote.

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PS:One Takes on the Machine

Our episodes have just gone live on VIMBY and Here they are below. We haven’t been able to talk about our project much before the release, but now the door is wide open.

By far the coolest part of the project was making UV reactant ice cream. The secret ingredient in this is Fluoroscine, whose only side effect is turning your urine neon yellow. The whole project was completed by no small effort thanks to Jordan Bunker, Jim Burke, Tim Saylor, Patrick Callaghan, Bike Man Dan, Camo, Tomerica, John Stoner, Geoffrey Topham, Shawn Blaszak & Ishmael Rufus.

There are still 3 more teams to go and we’re just as excited to see what awesome things they’ve made, so check back here to see Crashspace’s project up next.

P.S. to Zach Hoeken: Let’s start a V-neck shirt wearer’s club.

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