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What? :: Members create original designs. Members vote on the winner. The winning design gets printed on things (think clothing, accessories, mugs, prints, etc), on-demand, for a reasonable fee.

Why? ::  To showcase member creativity and artistic talents; get some unique new wares that show a little PS1 pride; have some fun; potentially provide members with an opportunity to learn how to print designs on things (see below for more info).

When? :: You can start creating and submitting your designs TODAY. 

The submission deadline is the end of Summer: Monday, September 21 (end of day). 

The voting will begin very soon after the submission deadline. 

How? ::  See the information below.

**Design Guidelines**

  1. Create an original design that is or can be made suitable for printing on things. 
  1. Designs must be PS1-inspired. They could have either the PS1 logo, name (“PS1” or “Pumping Station: One”), or both subtly or not-so-subtly integrated into the design. PS1 logo files can be found on the wiki or on our github.

If your design does not have the PS1 name or logo, you should be able to describe how it was inspired by PS1. 

  1. The design might get printed on a shirt/hoodie/clothing, on the side of a bag, a mug, etc. There is also a good chance it will get printed, framed, and hung somewhere inside PS1 and possibly someone’s home/garage/lounge, etc. So, ideally, your design will translate well to all of those formats.
  1. Optionally, you can add your signature to your design.
  1. Submission & Format: Send each design as an SVG file to [email protected]. If you prefer to draw/paint/create by hand, please try to digitize it and send it that way – feel free to reach out to other members if you need help with this.
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COVID-19 Relief Efforts at PS1

While we remain closed in compliance with the Illinois stay-at-home order, a small and dedicated team of volunteers has been busy producing PPE at Pumping Station: One for Chicago’s front line health care workers and vulnerable populations.

You can make a tax-deductible donation to support our PPE production by clicking the button below. Keep reading to learn more and to join the effort by making PPE at home!

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Low Cost Quarantine Activities

a ballpoint pen drawing of a snot egret bird
Snowy Egret, a ballpoint pen drawing by Shellie Lewis

Chances are you are home now a lot more than usual and your normal schedule has been disrupted. Boredom is a form of anxiety, and no one wants more anxiety at a time when public radio commentators are mentioning phrases like “house arrest for the entire population” and “psychological reactions to disaster.” What you can control the most is how you spend your time.

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PS1 to Close March 21 – April 7

Illinois Stay-at-Home Order

In response to the rapidly developing covid-19 pandemic, Governor Pritzker issued an executive order today requiring all non-essential businesses and operations in Illinois to close starting Saturday, March 21 at 5pm and continuing through April 7.

Access to PS1

  • In compliance with the Order, door access to PS1 via RFID fobs will be disabled at 5pm on Saturday.
  • Volunteers may still enter the building to perform specific essential maintenance tasks, in accordance with Paragraph 13 of the Order: Minimum Basic Operations.

We’re in this together

Pumping Station: One is much more than a collection of tools in a building. We’re a unique community and we have to hold tight! Everyone’s help is important during this uncomfortable hiatus. We need to keep paying the rent and the utilities. And we need to keep working toward our plans for the future of the space and the community that we’re building even now.

Thank you to everyone for rising to the occasion! You’ve got our back and we’ve got yours. If you have any pressing concerns during this time, do not hesitate to email board at pumpingstationone dot org.

Stay engaged!

  • Join our lively online discussions on Slack and Google Groups, and keep the ideas flowing!
  • Come to the Virtual Member Meeting, Tuesdays at 8pm!
  • Virtual Game Night this Saturday at 7pm!
  • Links to all virtual events will be posted on the PS1 Google Calendar and Meetup.
  • Have an idea for a remote activity/ demonstration/ tutorial? Let’s make it happen! Email board at pumpingstationone dot org to bounce ideas around and get access to the PS1 Zoom account.
  • Consider donating! See here –
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Covid-19 Coronavirus Update

This is an update to inform Pumping Station: One members and the general public about our response to the coronavirus, or COVID-19, pandemic. Our recommendations and policies will be under continual review as the situation develops. They may need to change rapidly. We will post here when they do.

Prospective Members and General Public

Weekly open houses have been canceled indefinitely.

There will be no events open to the general public at this time. 

We look forward to welcoming everyone to PS1 when the situation improves!

Current Members

The Board is monitoring the policies issued by our own various workplaces, the WHO, the CDC, and the City of Chicago’s Public Health Department. Based on these sources, we are choosing to remain open for now. Members are asked to exercise caution when considering coming to the space. Individuals at greater risk of complications from COVID-19 may want to take extra precautions.

Weekly member meetings will continue to be held via teleconferencing. Look for internal communications regarding attending member meetings virtually.

Revised Guidelines for Current Members

Remaining open to members at this time is a privilege that requires a higher level of member responsibility. 

  • Do not come to PS1 if you are not feeling well. 
  • Current members may still bring guests, though we ask you to exercise discretion when doing so. As always, guests may not use any PS1 equipment that requires authorization. Do not bring guests that are not feeling well.
  • To promote social distancing best practices, there will be no in-person meetings, events or new equipment authorizations held at the space.
  • Informal member gatherings, such as team-based project work, should be limited to no more than ten (10) persons.

If you will be working in the space, we expect all members and guests to do the following: 

  1. Clean and disinfect tools and surfaces before and after work. Plenty of soap exists in the shop. There are also bottles of 70% alcohol disinfectant (labeled “Novid-19”) provided throughout the space. 
  2. Wash your hands regularly and often. Scrub for at least 20 seconds. Don’t forget in between your fingers and under your fingernails. 
  3. Do not touch your face with, or sneeze or cough into, your hands. Use a tissue or paper towel if you need to. 
  4. Lend a hand by wiping down common human touchpoints – door knobs, levers, machines, workspaces, etc.
  5. Practice social distancing and avoid physical contact.
  6. Hold other members accountable for good hygiene. 

If you have any questions, feel free to email us.  Thank you for helping us take care of the space and each other!


Board of Directors, Pumping Station: One

[email protected]

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Brewing Resurrected

We are fermenting up a tasty frothy storm over here in the PS1 kitchen! We have about 10 gallons of beer that are currently in the works. In Brewing Station: One, we now have all of the equipment needed from home brewing. On Thursday January 23 we hosted a collaboration with the CHAOS brew club in Chicago ( ((which stands for Chicago Home-brewers Alchemists of SUDS)) where alchemist Brandon K. took us through the steps of the brewing process from set up to break down and cleaning. By the way, we have provided a laminated sheet of paper with the instructions explaining the right measurements of chemical to water ratio for the sanitizer to be effective, which is VERY important for the brewing process. We learned about how brewing beer has a hot side and cold side. The hot side is leading up to and including the boil, once the brew comes off the fire it is considered to be on the cold side, and everything on the cold side needs to be sanitized when coming into contact with the “WORT”. For the Tropical Stout beer that we are going for, we used the Bohemian Lager yeast that was grown and watched over for weeks leading up to the brew. An interesting quirk about this beer is that it uses a lager yeast but is brewed at a warmer temperature, ie: PS1 room temperature, as opposed to the typical controlled temperature for lager brewing. The hops that were used were Magnum hops and were added in on the hot side and boiled into the wort. We hit the mark with our numbers and calculations for the Tropical Stout we reached an original gravity 1.070. The “Resurrection Stout” will be ready to consume in 2 weeks time, so stay tuned!

For all of you that came to the brew night and participated thank you. For all that could not make it and are interested in getting back into the swing of beer church, something similar, or have a different idea for a class in the kitchen (someone had mentioned bread making!!!!???) please reach out on slack, google groups, or your platform of choice and lets keep the culture going!

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Door code and RFID system changes

Everyone’s keypad door code will be changing this coming Tuesday, July 9, and all active members will receive an email with a new door code.

Door codes will be phased out entirely on October 1, 2019. At that point, you must use an RFID key fob to access PS1.

Please read on for details, as you may be affected by the upcoming change even if you already have a working key fob.

If you already have a fob

Please make sure that your RFID number is present in the “RFID Tag” field in your member account. Due to how the system works, only RFID numbers stored in member profiles will continue working after the door code is reset next week:

  1. To check or add your RFID number to you member account, first log into your account.
  2. Next, click on “View profile” and then “Edit profile”:
  3. In the “RFID Tag” field, enter the 10-digit code that appears on your fob and finally, click “Save”.

If you don’t yet have a key fob

Between now and October 1, we will be changing the door code on a monthly basis. Notifications will be posted seven days in advance of a code change and a new door code will be emailed to you once each change is completed.

On October 1, we will discontinue using the emailed keypad door code. Entry into PS1 will only be through an RFID token. We have free fobs available for all members.

 “How do I get a fob?” you ask? Simple! We have a lot of them and you can have one just for asking. The best time to get a fob is during a member meeting, but any person that can do an ID check, such as board members and area hosts, can help with this process.

If you don’t like the fobs we have, you are welcome to bring your own! Any 125kHz EM4100 compatible device should work. Bring it in and try it on the door: if it beeps the fob was read.

You can add your RFID number by logging into your member profile and editing the “RFID Tag” field as in the instructions above. We also have an RFID reader available so that your can determine an unmarked token’s number.

If you have any further questions or need help with any part of this process or you think you may have missed a door code email please email [email protected].

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Chicago South Side Mini Maker Faire, August 3: come help and have fun

The 7th annual Chicago South Side Mini Maker Faire is taking place on August 3. Part science fair, part art fair, and part something entirely new, Mini Maker Faire is a fun and energetic community-based event that brings together science, art, crafts and engineering. This free celebration will showcase Chicago area makers with a focus on the diversity of people and thought that makes Chicago an innovative city.

There are several ways to participate:

  • PS1 is planning to host a booth. Please help us showcase PS1, the premier maker space in the Midwest.
  • The faire has asked PS1 to help set up a Nerdy Derby. PS1 has a great racing tradition, and we would love someone to take this on as a project.

Of course, another way to show support is just to show up and enjoy the faire. It takes place on August 3 at Daley College, 7500 S Pulaski Rd.

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Apply to be an area host: lasers, 3D printing, kitchen

PS1 currently has three open area host positions: laser cutting, 3D printing, and kitchen.

Laser and 3D printing hosts are similar posititons that both fall within the CNC area. Hosts are responsible for maintaining equipment, planning the area budget, making purchases, managing authorizers, and, of course, developing a longer-term vision for development of the area.

Kitchen host has similar responsibilities: overseeing equipment in the area, managing the budget, and promoting use of the kitchen as an integral part of the maker community at PS1.

Being a host is a great way to help fulfill PS1’s mission and play a bigger role in the PS1 community. If you are interested in applying, please fill out an application.

And of course feel free to reach out to the board with any questions.

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Upcoming board election: candidate statements and request for nominations

A vote will be held on July 23 to fill two vacant board positions: Secretary and Public Relations Director.

The nomination period remains open until July 9, so we invite to nominate yourself or any other PS1 member in good standing who you think is a great fit for the roles.

At the July 16 member meeting, everyone will have a chance to meet with candidates and engage in an open Q&A session.

Currently, we have two nominees:


Kathryn Born

I’ve been a member of PS1 for 3 years and served on the board as Director-at-Large in 2018. I “rolled off” the board because I thought we were moving, but then we decided to push it back indefinitely.

I’ve returned to the board as interim Secretary and feel it would be widely beneficial if I jumped back into the fray. As Secretary, I would also serve on the DRC. As one who served on the committee that helped craft the language of the document, I look forward to seeing if the new DRC system is helpful, and amending it if it needs to be changed.

I also wrote a document called “Starving Hacker Suffrage” in 2017 which began the push to give starving hackers the right to vote in this, and every, vote/election.

Public Relations Director

Ese Osaghae

I believe that PS1 has a lot of people doing great things that should be showcased more within our community as well as the greater Chicago community. I currently work as a media professional for as a journalist and have had various experience in digital marketing campaigns for global maker organizations such as the organization Wikifactory. I believe that we could be utilizing the PS1 space to engage more with the larger maker community in Chicago locally as well as globally.

My main objectives for the position of PR would be the following: 1) Showcasing more of the community members as well as the projects they are working on through social media. 2) Holding more events that involve local organizations within the greater Chicago land area. 3) Connecting the PS1 community to the larger makerspace community that is global by taking the organization through the FabLab certification program.

You can nominate additional candidate by posting on the thread here. Candidates must be members in good standing for 5 months to qualify.

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