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Automation Night Wednesday, October 10 at 7pm

Art Institute Lion by the Art InstituteThe first Wednesday of the month is rapidly approaching, so that means it’s time for: Automation Night (formerly DIY CNC night)!

Join us and be part of the automated manufacturing and design revolution! Get together to discuss, fix, repair, upgrade, and show off 3D printers, routers, laser cutters, and other tools made awesome by computers.

  • WHEN: Wednesday October 10th 7pm (show up early if you want a tour)
  • WHERE: 3519 N Elston Ave, PS:One electronics lab (2nd Floor)

Typical schedule:

  • 6:45 tour for new people
  • 7:00 introduction round-robin
  • 7:20 guest speaker
  • 7:30 schmoozing, machine repair, demos, etc

Image from Thingiverse user ArtInstituteChicago

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Automation Night: Wednesday August 8 at 7pm

The second Wednesday of each month is our monthly Automation Night (AKA: DIY CNC night)!

Are you interested in automated manufacturing? Do you like the idea of owning your own 3D printer, laser cutter, automated mill, router table, or other automated tools? Then this is the night for you!

Automation Night is an ever-growing group of enthusiastic amateurs and professionals in the field of do it yourself automated manufacturing (ie 3D printers, CNC mills, laser cutters, cake frosters, etc) hardware and software.

Please come if you’re interested in learning more, already have an automated tool at home, want to show off your latest build, or just want to meet locals who are into this exciting technology!

  • Who: Open to the public
  • Where: Pumping Station: One, 3517/3519 N Elston Ave, Chicago, IL
  • When: Wednesday, August 8th, 7pm
  • Cost: Free ($5 suggested donation for non-members to help us pay the rent)

Typical Schedule:

  • 7-7:10: people show up
  • 7:10-7:25: introductions round-robin (and sometimes a guest speaker)
  • 7:25-’till everyone leaves: schmoozing, machine assembly and show off, discussion of tools and techniques

Image: Model of Mars Curiosity Rover by Thingiverse user ThePlanetMike

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Automation Station: One (DIY CNC night) July 20th 7pm

The desktop manufacturing revolution has been gaining traction at PS:One over the past few months.

We had the recent reprap build event, and now the hacked vinyl cutter, makerbot, PS1’s own RepRap Mendel, and the brand new CNC tool (it’s extremely cool, but I’m not allowed to announce it on this blog yet) have taken over half of the electronics work area.

To complete the CNC takeover, PS1 will hold a monthly Automation Station: One event where people are encouraged to bring their in-progress projects for building in a communal atmosphere and completed projects to show off.

All CNC tools are welcome: additive, subtractive, mills, lasers, printers, frosters, plotters, RepRaps, and even egg-bots.  There will be an emphasis on open source hardware/software tools, but not exclusively so.

This first event will be on July 20th at 7pm at Pumping Station: One. Non-member CNC enthusiasts (and any projects they wish to share) are welcome to attend.

Image: “Colbertopus” by Thingiverse user Renosis.

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