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First Hackaday Prize Session

We just ended out first meeting which consisted of an overview of the contest, introductions, individual skill sets and brainstorming project ideas. So far, we are going to do something involving plants. Whether that is hacking a plant directly or using sensors around a plant is yet to be determined. Feel free to attend our second meeting which is tentatively to be held next Wednesday at 7:00 PM.


06 2014

The 2010 Crowd Sourcing T-shirt contest

This is a formal call for Pumping Station: One T-Shirt Designs! As some of you may be aware, we have a 4-color screen printing machine at the space and we’re looking to use it to make some sweet schwag for our members and soon to be members!  Deadline is Midnight March, 18th 2010 which is one month from now. The selected winner(s) will be chosen by the current Board of Directors and will be produced into a run of t-shirts that will be sold by Pumping Station:One. Prize is a free t-shirt of your design! Details after the break: Read the rest of this entry →


02 2010