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NERP (Not Exclusively Raspberry Pi) Meeting Monday Aug. 13 at 7pm

Rasberry Pi session on a dumb terminal

NERP (The Not Exclusively Raspberry Pi embedded systems interest group) will meet Monday August 13th at 7:00pm. During the last meeting we talked about what the Raspberry Pi is and the nature of its capabilities. Jay showed a couple of videos to demo the HDMI output and described the process of setting up a new RPi. Drew Fustini took notes and has posted some comments and resources on the PS:One public list.

After the meeting, a few people stayed around to try some fun but not completely simple experiments with the RPi’s serial port. Using what I learned in the NERP serial port experiments, I made a RPi demo for to the Evanston Mini Maker Faire. The demo involved adding a 1984 Televideo 910 dumb terminal to a serial port on the Pi. The terminal is text only and displays characters as green on black. In addition to the normal gui session on the LCD screen, the RPi ran a separate user login on the dumb terminal. The LCD screen showed a video clip every 40 seconds, and the terminal showed a root login. Quite a number of people stopped by to check out the terminal and were surprised to learn about the Raspberry Pi’s role in making the demo run. More images of the Raspberry Pi at the Faire, and more technnical photos are at

On Monday 8/13, Drew will demo some of the basic applications that one might run on the Pi, and possibly discuss some issues around the subject of hardware interfacing. Open discussion is always welcome. An hour before the NERP meeting begins, Jay will be available to help anyone who has a RPi and would like help installing the basic operating system and apps. Jay starts at 6pm. The regular meeting is at 7pm.


08 2012

Mini Maker Faire Evanston: August 4 (evening) – August 5 (all day)

PS:One is proud and delighted (and working tirelessly) to be a host of Mini Maker Faire Evanston on August 4 and 5!

Tickets are on sale now at

We’ll be there running a booth (…and several members will have individual booths), hosting our regional hackerspace friends, the Power Racing Series races, and general volunteer work.

We hope you’ll all come take a look around the Faire, visit us, and say hello!


07 2012

PS: One is heading to San Mateo for the hackerspace challenge finals

The Great Global Hackerspace Challenge was an amazing experience.  We were thrilled to be able to participate — the wonderful ideas that our fellow hackers came up with and the ingenious ways they implemented them were a constant font of inspiration as we hacked away on our biosensor.  It is a great honor to know that we have been selected, along with Build Brighton and Hackerspace Charlotte as semi-finalists.  The team will be heading  to San Fransisco on May 20 for Maker Faire for the final judging.


05 2011

Hackerspaces take on the machine

VIMBY – Take on the Machine: Episode One

This summer PS:One participated in a secret project. VIMBY contacted us and told us to be prepared to receive an envelope from Mitch Altman one Wednesday with our challenge inside. The above video is the first in a series called Take On The Machine. Each participating space, NYC Resistor, Artisan’s Asylum, The Transistor, and Crash Space and us will have an episode airing with their project featured.

Stay tuned to find out what we did with our VIMBY money.


09 2010