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All members can now vote!

Voting at PS1
All member tiers can now vote and propose new votes. Illustration by Mark Creasy.

Good news for Starving Hacker tier members: you can now vote at PS1 member meetings for things like purchases, activities, or elections. On January 22nd, those with Full Member status approved the Vote for All Member Suffrage. All members can propose new votes.

If you’re ready to exercise your voting rights, there are upcoming opportunities at the meeting on Tuesday, January 29, 2019:

If you can’t make the meeting, you can vote by proxy in the email sent to members on 1/24. You can also simply “abstain” on your ballot. This allows us to reach quorum – which is the minimum number of people required for a vote to be decided – without you having to decide yes or no on the proposal.

If you have questions- there’s a Voting FAQ thread on the Google Groups.
Happy voting!

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100+ Members Strong

Photo courtesy Anvica on Flickr

It’s a proud moment for me to announce that Pumping Station: One – just short of the 3rd anniversary when this madcap adventure started – has reached a milestone every culture that counts in base 10 inevitably celebrates: Reaching 100 of something.

That hundred in this case is our combined list of active members. With upwards of 90% of our budget being funded through members like you, it’s easy to see why this calls for celebration. We live or die based on the enthusiasm our community has for us. I recall in the very early planning meetings at Mercury Café we’d talk about the spaces that came before us, namely Noisebridge and their astronomical 100+ members. I thought to myself that we – Chicago – wouldn’t have that problem for a long time with the decentralized and disparate tech community I’d come to know.

It’s the twilight of 2011 now and the phrase “silicon prairie” happens to exist.

In the short time we’ve been around there have been friends made, countless failures (read: learning opportunities) experienced, companies started, companies shuttered, projects built, connections strengthened, children’s toy cars raced, careers re-evaluated and so much more. Each person that’s stepped through our door has had their hand in getting us to this milestone. As we carry on, it’s worth noting our strength exists in the sum of our parts; together we move to realize our common dreams. Being able to see first-hand this experiment in community start as a seed and come to take root is a true privilege and honor.

Thank you all for continually upstaging many of our wildest imaginations.

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Membership Rate Changes

On Tuesday night, the Board of Directors voted 6-0-1 (Aye, Nay, Present) in favor of the following changes to the Membership Rates:

  • Starving Hacker: $40/month (from $30)
  • Full Member: $70/month (from $50)
  • Annual Full Member: $700 (from $500)
  • Pay what you will membership: completely new

These rates take effect immediately.  There is a grandfather clause: any current members who choose to remain at their current rates are free to do so indefinitely. However, if that member misses payments, changes membership class, or makes any other changes to their membership status, they will be obliged to pay the new rates.  Additionally, the grandfather clause does not apply to annual rates – all members paying the annual rate will make their next payment at the new membership rate.

The pay what you will membership is intended for persons who either wish to pay more to support our organization or simply cannot afford to pay our full rates.  Note: access to the mailing lists, space, and tools is still determined by membership rates as published on the Becoming a Member page – we aren’t offering full access for discounts via this option.

Explanations of why we made this difficult decision after the break. Continue reading Membership Rate Changes

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