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We’ve Got Something New For You

Sheperd Fairey Unveiling
Photo courtesey cliff1066™

If it’s been a while since you last laid your eyes on the nav bar of our humble website, now would be a good time to reacquaint yourself with it.  We’ve added a Media tab up top that contains all of PS:One’s official video (and soon to be audio as well).

We’ve been quietly recording talks and events over the last year and here is just a small selection of those recordings.  There are additional Guided Tours along with the rest of your favorite PS:One talks still in queue to be edited.

Many people have invested a lot of time and work to bring this content to a broader audience extending our reach into the greater community.   Carl Karsten was integral in showing me a less-cumbersome workflow for shooting and recording audio.  Also, Tim Saylor has scheduled so many great speakers for Guided Tours and made such a great help with production (and even taking over once as of this writing).

Now give your strained eyes a rest from this 20th century concept of “reading” and sit back to enjoy some syndicated PS:One goodness.

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New Website Design

PS:One Server Racked and Loaded
PS:One Server Racked and Loaded
Hello Internet!

You may have noticed that our humble, digital home is looking a bit different. Last night Ryan and myself burned the 4am oil to rebuild and transfer our website to a new server due to the load issues we have been experiencing. Not only have we made our design so fresh and so clean, but we’ve also switched over to WordPress to ease the blog authoring blues our membership has been experiencing and racked her in a shiny new datacenter with plenty of bandwidth.

If you notice something missing, have no fear! It will return, but possibly in a different location as we are also making some efforts to organize all of our information and additional content to reduce clutter and help our membership contribute more effectively. If you notice any glaring (or minor) issues, please comment and let us know so we can clean up our mess.

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