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The Great Global Hackerspace Challenge

For those of you who may not know, we at Pumping Station: One are participating in the Great Global Hackerspace Challenge organised by Mitch Altman and sponsored by Element14.  They’re giving $900 to 30 hackerspaces around the world, and giving us 5 weeks to design something awesome for education.  There are hackerspaces from five continents participating! (Scroll down on this page and check out this neat map with all the participants.)

Our project will be to create a biosensor array that will allow students to learn more about their bodies and do some DIY biology.  We’re going to have heartbeat sensors, temperature, CO2 levels, EKG and more!  I’ll be re-posting updates here, but we’ll be posting directly on the project blog on the element14 site.  (Feel free to follow us there!)

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Thing-A-Day: Day 5

Avner Shanan made some tasty chocolate chip banana muffins.

Tim Saylor’s secret cabinet project is making progress.

Sacha De’Angeli installed CHDK on his Canon SD750, and made a guitar pick out of some scrapped laptops that were recently donated to Pumping Station: One.

John Stoner attached reflective strips to all his bike riding pants to protect himself in traffic.

Phillip Strong soldered up a minty boost and installed it in a full-sized altoids tin.

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Thing-A-Day: Day 3

Today’s projects run the gamut from home style cookin’ to smart phone hackery.  Here’s the run down:

Avner Shanan made some much needed home repairs.

Anne Petersen made some delicious soup.

George Griffin spent some time playing around with pybrain, a pretty cool machine learning library for python.

Sacha De’Angeli put some final touches on his 2011 opera animation series.

Mason made an incense burner out of an old clipboard.

Tim Saylor was running short on time, but managed to get some knitting in.

James Patrick Gordon decided to give some perspective on the recent Columbia College rate hike, and made a neat visualization.

Richard Allen got Hulu running on his Droid.

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Thing-A-Day: Day 2

I finished the hollow book I started.   Tim started working on a cabinet.  It’s part of a larger project that he doesn’t want to reveal yet, but he says it’s for the space.  I can’t wait to see what it is!  Sacha De’Angeli dug his house out of the snow, and Patrick Callahan burned a DVD for the upcoming movie night.

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