El-Cheapo Remote-Control Delta Arm

While surfing the net yesterday, myself and fellow members of PS:One came across a home built delta bot. What an awesome idea! I wanted to build one too, so today I scrounged around PS:One to see what we had laying around.

I managed to find a box with RC stuff in it… including 3 servos. Remembering that Josh had bought an erector set last night, I set to work putting together the “arms” of the delta bot. After they were assembled, I started getting lazy… so instead of using metal or wood to build a base for something I knew was temporary, I slapped the rest of it together with cardboard and hot glue!

Not bad, for an hour of work, I think.

Note: The motor on the end of the arms serves no purpose except as a weight… I wanted to see if the assembly could hold it.

Delta Arm from tensorflux on Vimeo.

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