Holiday Hack-A-Thon!

LED Christmas TreesJoin us Saturday, Dec. 10th at Pumping Station: One for a gift Hack-a-thon! All are welcome, this is open to the public so invite ALL the people.

Need a really cool, last minute gift? We will be demo-ing and assisting you in creating one, or some of the following items:

Touch Screen Gloves!
– For those of you who like to wear gloves in the winter, but also need to use your touchscreen phone. A simple hack can have your favorite gloves working with your modern technology. Any gloves will do, buy a new pair or hack your current gloves.

Charms and Pendents * +
– Laser cut your favorite geometric shape, or fashion logo, or skeletal system out of wood or colored acrylic for a personalized necklace, charm bracelet, or earrings.

Transformer Jeans
– Jeans that can become boot cut by doing this: and adding a zipper. For those trendy people in your circle. Bring an old pair of pants to revive.

Fur-covered Earmuffs
– Because those store bought ones are never quite right… repurpose or recycle some of your old/faux fur into ear saving warmth for the impending Chicago winter.

Keyboard Letter Pendents
– For when you want to tell someone they are the “Caps Lock” of your life.

Feather Clutch
– The perfect accessory for your little niece for her next tea party with Prince Bunnykins.

Wood Coasters * +
– Laser etched Aspen looks mighty fine under a tall glass of Nog. Stay classy my friends.

We’re also having blacksmithing demos throughout the day! So stop by and warm up by the forge (Marshmallows optional).

Hacking will take place from 10AM to 6PM on Saturday, December 10th.  Come by and hack up some holiday fun!

* there is a suggested donation for the laser etching.
+ We have some designs available, however if you have a specific image you would like to etch/cut, email it to with a brief description of what you would like so we can prepare the image to work correctly with our laser. We may also be able to do simple logos day of, but we can’t promise.

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