Blacksmithing 101 – January 20th

Hammering glowing iron on an anvil

NOTE: This was a class that was offered in 2013, it is not a current offering. What PS1 does have are irregularly scheduled authorizations for it’s members, and access to the tools and equipment. Although the general rule for materials is BYO. usually there is enough material laying about for learning. While we do not usually have “classes” per se, we are an environment and a group of people that foster learning from other members and through practice (trial and error with very little judgement about the “error” part of things.) If you join as a monthly member, you can be authorized on all of this equipment (we have a new forge and anvil now, too) and have 24/7 access to the shop. At 11,000 square feet and with 400 actively dues-paying members, PS1 is a great place to learn and practice. Come to an open house (practically) every Tuesday evening at 8 pm for a chance to meet members, to look around and for a quick tour.

Update: The class is full. Watch for another blog post for round two!

Hammering glowing iron on an anvil
Photo by Mr. T in DC

Wanna bang on some hot metal and make something while learning some forging? Well then sign up for this quick class where you will make a letter opener out of a railroad spike. You will learn to taper & draw, spread, twist, and maybe even to scroll some steel. And you get to take it home and show it off!

Classes will be held between 12pm and 6pm with two people per one hour time slot.

Cost will be $20 for the hour long class and the railroad spike.

What you need to know:

  • If you have a nice pair of safety glasses, bring them – we have some available, but they may not be comfortable.
  • Wear ONLY cotton clothing and closed toe shoes (preferably leather with rubber soles) Any other fabric may catch fire and will melt onto your skin and continue burning you which is never fun.
  • Your off hand will be holding the steel and tongs and will require a glove. Please bring a well fitting LEATHER glove if you have some. This helps reduce chafing and prevents burns. Your hammer hand does not have to be gloved.
  • This activity has a high risk of burns – you will be dealing with glowing hot steel, sparks, and hot slag.  Wearing appropriate clothing and gloves minimizes this risk, but accidents still happen. You have been warned, now come have some fun!

Email Adrianna @ AdriannaMcKinley @ Gmail . com with two preferred time slots (noon, 1pm, 2pm, 3pm, 4pm, 5pm, or 6pm). You will receive a confirmation for one of the two slots. Please arrive 10 minutes early.

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