CNC Build Club – CNC Controller Roundup



This week we are going to talk about as many DIY CNC controller options as we can find.  All CNC  projects from 3D printers to mills require a controller.  This open discussion might help you choose your next controller.  Here is the list we are going to start with.



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2 thoughts on “CNC Build Club – CNC Controller Roundup

  1. Good Afternoon all,

    I am using the MakerBot 3D printer, and it is not printing. It is acting as if it is printing.

    What is the health status of MakerBot?

    How can I verify that my input file has valid data?


  2. This talk was primarily aimed at DIY controllers, but it sounds like you nozzle is clogged. That is a common problem with MakerBots. You should check the MakerBot site for help. Are you a PS1 member? Bring it in on a Thursday night.

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