Two Applied Sciences Events this Tuesday, Sept. 23rd!

As written by Ryan:

First up is SEM Office Hours at 7 PM

We’d previously had problems with the SEM’s vacuum system that prevented us from looking at new samples. This is now fixed! So to celebrate, I intend to do some sample preparation. (We’ve got a 3D printer nozzle to measure and examine, and a piece of color slide film covered in mold.) This will be the first time I’ve opened the sample chamber for a public demonstration.

I’d also like to thank two people who made this possible. Bruce McConachie donated the funds to purchase the parts to repair the scope. And Fitterdave did some very difficult TIG welding to fabricate a custom adaptor.

We we will be ending SEM Office Hours early to accommodate the second Applied Sciences event of the evening. At 8:30, Elizabeth Koprucki will be presenting a lecture: Explore Our Solar System: Data from Space and What You Can Do With It.

So come on out, and, in the words of the venerable Sarcastic Rover:

Let’s Do A Science!


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