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Howl @ The Moon, PS:One Style!

It’s been a long while since we’ve done any events outside of the Pumping Station: One compound at 3354 N. Elston.

In celebration of the harvest moon, impending fall, changing of the leaves, blown capacitor banks, scorched pavement (thanks to Tim), and possible UFO sightings in the Irving Park area (not our complete fault), PS:One will be having a little get together this Friday night, October 2, at 5pm (until late) at Howl At The Moon (, and you’re all invited!

We have a deal with Howl At The Moon that the first 100 people to come before 7pm and tell them that they are with PS:One will get in free and have two $1 drink specials. There will be other wonderful deals all night, and you’ll have the chance to hang out with and get to know the PS:One community in a fun, informal setting.

Hope to see you all there!

When: Friday, October 2, at 5:00pm

Where: Howl At The Moon, 30 W. Hubbard St., Chicago, IL 60654

Why: To spend a fun Friday night out with the Chicago hackerspace community!

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Pumping Station: One in the Columbia Chronicle!

Yesterday, Pumping Station: One was featured in an article in the Columbia Chronicle!  Thanks to Evan Minsker for coming out to our meeting a few weeks ago, interviewing some of our members, and writing the article about us.

Hello and welcome to anyone who came here after reading that article!  The article gives you a good idea of some of the things that we’re up to, but there’s definitely more to explore.  We are a group of people interested in a diverse range of art and technology…chances are that if you’re a person with creative ideas, you’ll find something interesting here.  Make sure you take a good look at our wiki; it’s full of information about who we are as an organization, and what kinds of projects our members are working on so far.  You can also join our public Google group and start talking to people involved in Pumping Station: One, or our  announcements Google group in order to hear about events we have coming up.

If you are intrigued by what you have read and you want to get involved, we’re excited to meet you!  The best way to get involved is to come to a meeting.  We meet every Tuesday night at Cafe Mercury, 1505 W. Chicago Ave., at 7:00pm.  Everyone is welcome to come to our meetings, learn about us, talk about projects, and become a member of Pumping Station: One!

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What is a hackerspace?

In short, I think Eric had it exactly right when he told me early on in the development of Pumping Station: One that a hackerspace is a YMCA for geeks and artists.

A hackerspace is an interdisciplinary community for learning, teaching, and creating. Instead of starting with a defined range of projects or programming, a hackerspace is driven by its members. It is a place where members have the infrastructure and resources to work on projects that interest them. Hackerspaces promote people to be hackers in the broadest sense: to learn all they can about the fields that interest them, explore their bounds, and create new and interesting ways to apply that knowledge.

The people in a hackerspace also share their knowledge with others who share their interests, through classes, working groups, or day-to-day discussion while working on projects. That is where the fascinating educational potential of the hackerspace lies: there is no finite list of the skills that can be taught and exchanged. People share what they know with members and the community at large, and it results in more people having the knowledge to make something new and tangible out of their ideas and interests.

For some more perspective on Pumping Station: One, as well as the past, present, and future of hackerspaces, watch this fifteen-minute interview of Eric Michaud, president of Pumping Station: One:

HELLO – Eric Michaud, President of Pumping Station: One from Dave Jacob Hoffman on Vimeo.

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