Memorial Day Weekend

Pumping Station: One did Memorial Day weekend right in true hackerspace fashion.  A couple members got their hands on a welder for Chicago’s first annual Power Wheels Racing Series and fixed up a trashed scooter with a sweet new handle bar. One of our members graciously donated a mostly functional Commodore 128 that Nicky has already got playing some tunes.  Hopefully she’ll have an exhibit up for Geek Prom on June 13th showcasing her new found computer orchestrating!

The highlight of the weekend was the epic amount of food.  There was a Bacon Explosion, grilled pineapple, hand fried hot wings, reeses and rolo brownies and more that I can’t even remember.  I’d just like to add a quick thanks to everyone who brough food, those who cooked, cleaned and made this happen.  Lets start making up more holidays just for the sake of grilling!

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