PS:One Welcomes Starving Hackers

jordan_is_hungryAt a recent meeting, Pumping Station: One created a new membership
level for folks who can’t afford a full $50 per month for membership. The Starving Hacker membership gives you 24-hour access to the space,
tools and community for $30 per month, with your very own key. Full
members still receive an on-site locker, can vote in all matters of business, and can hold an office.

We’ve talked about this for a while, and we talked to a lot of college
students and people with lower incomes who were interested in joining.
We identified $30 per month as a price point that worked for a lot of

We want to include you: we want your creative energy, and we want
your sense of fun. We want more young members, more artists, and we think
we’ve found a way to be more inclusive and still pay our bills. Come,
join us!

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