Equipment Labeling

We have a new equipment labeling and tracking system!

Here’s how it works – every major piece of equipment has a wiki page and a label.

The label has 5 pieces of critical info:

  1. Name of the Tool
  2. QR code and URL (of the wiki page)
  3. Owner – (PS1 or individual)
  4. Certification Required (RTFM) or No Certification Required
  5. Do Not Hack (DNH) or Hacking is OK

The Wiki page is a place where you can learn more about the tool, whether it is functioning, safety documentation, person to contact, certification information, etc.

Feel free to go into the equipment pages and add detailed usage information.

Thanks to the generous folks at LVL1 and Labitat for sharing wiki code and labeling schemes with me – I stole a bit from both systems to come up with the PS1 system.  Thanks to Dan Meyer, Shawn Blazak, and Tim Saylor for putting in a few hours of hard work Sunday afternoon to get the system up and running. Thanks also to Nathan Witt and Jim Burke for smoothing out bumps in the wiki template and creating video, respectively.

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