Make and Use an Arduino

Come to Pumping Station: One and learn how to make your own arduino and program it.  The kit requires no soldering and is great for makers of all ages and skill levels. The kit includes everything you need:  a solderless breadboard, jumper wires, a pre-programmed ATmega328P with pin label, USB adapter and basic components to perform the basic software experiments.  You need:  a computer with a spare USB port that can run the free Arduino IDE software and a USB A to mini-B cable.  If you do not have a USB A to mini-B cable, they will be for sale for $2 each.

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3 thoughts on “Make and Use an Arduino

  1. The arduino you will be building will be on a bread board. You won’t be able to plug a shield into a bread board. Arduinos and their shields are not compatable with breadboards because of their pin configuration. You can however still use them using wires to go from the shield to the breadboard.

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