Design a 3D printer! 10/29 at 7pm

When we were considering which 3D printer to get for the space, one of the suggestions was that we design one ourselves.

To start the project off, I will give an account of the 3D printers currently used in industry (, including ones that print metal:

Then, Jeremy, from TinyWorkshop, will talk about consumer 3D printing technology.  Here is a link to the slides from his talk.

About 30 folks turned out to the event and many interesting ideas were suggested. We decided to focus on two parallel projects:

1) Make a device that 3D prints electronics. We have begun to make prototypes for this project (

2) Start with an existing 3D printer design and iterate on it along a number of axes, including:

  • Extrude different materials (e.g., chocolate, general purpose binder)
  • Adapt it to make molds
  • Add encoders for linear feedback
  • Add a closed loop heater
  • Make it general purpose so that different tools can be added (e.g., mill)

Bart has generously offered to donate an ORD Bot for this project.  He has started work, and a thread, about the project here:

To move forward on these projects, we will begin a weekly CNC Build Club:

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