Math Office Hours, this Sunday from 5 to 7

Once again, x has gone missing. Help us find him!

Join us for an evening of math and learning. There’ll be spheres and equations and integrals, (oh my!). We’re open to anyone looking to brush up on basic skills and to those who want to learn a bit about advanced topics. We’ll be talking about set theory, topology, linear algebra, logic, geometry, and anything else that comes up.

All levels of math skill are welcome. Whether there’s something from grade school you never understood, or you’ve always been fascinated by something a bit beyond you, come and ask. Got a homework question? We can help! Working through a tricky problem for a project? We’ll think it through with you. Confused as to how anyone could ever like math? We’ll do our best to convey the elegance and beauty of the subject.

Show and Tell

At the start of this week’s Math Office Hours, we’ll be doing show and tell. If you have a math topic you’re interested in, come tell us about it.

Last week’s talks included:

  • Non-Euclidean Geometry, the discovery that Euclid’s ancient laws of geometry work just as well on a curved surface such as a saddle or a sphere if you reject the parallel postulate.
  • A proof that given two complex numbers, the magnitude of their product is the product of their magnitudes.
  • A Math Olympiad challenge: Given two primes p and q, show that 24 is a divisor of p^2 – q^2.
  • Manifolds, a basic example of charts and change-of-coordinate maps. The configuration space of a double pendulum as an example of a non-physical manifold.

Whos, Whens, and Wheres

  • Who – Anyone who wants to learn about math
  • Where – PS:One, second floor, in the electronics area
  • When – Sunday, June 23th, 5pm until 7pm
  • How much – Free

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