NERP on Monday — The Yocto Project™ and Open Enea Linux

NERP UN-POSTPONED! “Open Enea Linux and BeagleBone Black” is tonight, Jan 19th

NERP is not exclusively Raspberry Pi, the small computer and embedded systems interest group at Pumping Station:One in Chicago. NERP meets every other Monday at 7pm at Pumping Station:One, 3519 N. Elston Ave. in Chicago.

Mark Mills is an embedded hardware/software engineer with experience using many different hardware platforms and software systems including RTOS’s and Unix/Linux.

Tonight Mark will introduce the Yocto Project, Open Enea Linux, and do a brief demo on a BeagleBone Black.

About the Yocto Project™
The Yocto Project™ is an open source collaboration project (including TI, Intel, Freescale, and others) that provides templates, tools and methods to help you create custom Linux-based systems for embedded products regardless of the hardware architecture. Open Enea Linux uses the Yocto Project as a base platform to make it easy to explore using a Yocto based Linux on an inexpensive development board.

About Enea
Enea is an international software company based in Stockholm, Sweden. Enea offers proprietary and Open Source operating system solutions (RTOS and Linux), including development tools, network protocols, databases and middleware. They are the third-largest player in the world for realtime operating systems.

Find NERP and Pumping Station:One at and Doors open at 6:30pm. The next meeting is January 5th, 2015.

NERP is free and open to the public. Ed Bennett ed @ kinetics and electronics com Tags: electronics, embedded, NERP, Open Source, raspberry pi, hackerspace, Beagle Bone, Element14, Pumping Station One, BBB

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