Switch over your account — now easier than ever

Some important reminders:

  1. Please switch over the new member management system. We have streamlined the process further — see below. It’s easy. Just do it now.
  2. Seriously now. It takes, like, a minute.
  3. The target switchover date for the internal computer system is September 1. Get your files off PS1 computers now. More on that below as well.

Account switchover

As you no doubt know, we are changing out the old PS1 member management system for a shiny new one. Please set up an account in the new system, including billing information. Here’s how:

  1. Go to membership.pumpingstationone.org/join-us
  2. Choose whichever membership level you want: Starving Hacker or Full Membership
  3. Fill out the forms. They should be fairly self-explanatory. The “Active Directory Username” is the name you will use to log into the computer network at PS1.If you want, you can use the same username that you already do.

And that’s pretty much it. You will be asked to submit payment information and your credit card will be charged. Do not worry: you are not paying double for the current month. Once you have created your new account, an admin will take care of the rest. Your Paypal payment will be cancelled automatically, and your renewal date will be updated so that none of your payments overlap.

Computer system update

As mentioned, on September 1 the internal computer systems will be updated and will begin using the new member management system for login. There are two things you should take care of before this changeover happens:

  1. First, set up an account in the new member management system (see above). This will allow you to continue to log into workstations in the space, including the computers the control the ShopBot, laser cutters, and other fancy tools.
  2. Second, back up any important files that you are keeping on computers in the space, because they will be wiped out when the changeover happens. Really you should never keep important files on workstations at the space, because there is no guarantee they will be preserved. But we really no-joke mean it: on September 1, files go bye bye.


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