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Macabre Makeup Class 2

bloody will makeup
Demo from Tuesday night


It’s that time of the year again, boils and ghouls! Do you still lack ideas for costumes? Maybe you just want to take your existing costume a couple steps further? This three part course will teach you what you need to know about making realistic bruises, contusions, and wounds that would make your mother scream!
Part 1 on Thursday @ 7pm will feature the basics of wounds to make them look real and painful, instead of painted on.
Part 2 on Friday @ 7pm will feature how to use latex to create torn or blistering skin that bleeds.
Part 3 on Saturday @ 7pm will feature how to use makeup wax to create wounds with deapth and how to include embedded objects.

Single class: $10
Full course: $20

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Makeup Class: Wounds and Contousions. This Saturday!

BittenWant an extra-special detail added to your costume this year? I’m teaching a short series of classes on theatrical makeup starting this Saturday, the 8th, at 5pm-7pm [possibly shorter depending on the number of students]. The class will cost $10-20, based on the size of the class. the more people show up, the cheaper it’ll be, so bring your friends! The first class will be going over bruises, scrapes, and small superficial wounds. The second class will focus on deeper cuts, peeling skin, bites like the one pictured, and some serious gore. The third class will be focusing on embedded items, like pencils, knives, and so on, and will include a recipe for washable, edible theater blood and we’ll be making our own embeddable items!

Days: October 8th, 15th, 22nd
Times: 5-7pm
Cost: $10-20 based on attendance [the more the merrier cheaper]

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