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DIY CNC Night #3: 9/14 at 7pm

taj mahal by tac feaThe third installment of DIY CNC night will be Wednesday, September 14th at 7pm!

DIY CNC night is a monthly (second Wednesday of each month) event held at Pumping Station: One, 3354 N Elston Ave, for hobbyists, enthusiasts, and professionals to celebrate and explore Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) tools such as laser cutters, 3D printers, CNC mills, lathes, plotters, and more!  Attendees are encouraged to bring along any machines or work examples they wish to show off.

The usual schedule is as follows:

  • 7-7:15 introductions / show off stuff you brought along
  • 7:15-7:45 brief presentation
  • 7:45-9-ish mingling, discussion, tour of Pumping Station: One, general schmoozing, and machine repair/assembly/upgrade

This month Bart Dring of MakeSlide and buildlog will be talking about his projects.

Miniature Taj Mahal designed and printed by thingiverse user tc_fea.

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Introduction to Programming with Python

Python Next Wednesday 3/30/2011 at 7:00 PM Tony Johnson will be teaching an introduction to programming class with the Python language.   The course will cover the fundamentals of software development and act as a stepping stone to more advanced programming topics.


1) You will need a laptop.
2) There is no cost to members or the general public.
3) You will need Python 3.2 installed on your computer.
Here is the link to download python: http://www.python.org/download/
4) Any simple text editor that is already installed on your OS will be sufficient.

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Announcing: Creative Code Workshops


Creative Code Workshops

workShop[0] = Processing;

Over the past several decades of advancement in computer technology, a fledgling movement of computational and digital media art has emerged. Initially the province of a handful techno-savvy pioneers, today there is a wide range of tools and resources available to artists and designers, drastically lowering the barrier of entry for anyone interested in computer art. This series of Creative Code Workshops explores the sometimes-nebulous territory of Code-As-Art, bringing creatives and technologists together to make interesting, complex work.

In our first workshop, we will explore Processing, an open-source programming language and framework developed for the visual arts community. Originally created to teach computer programming fundamentals within a visual context, it has grown into a robust yet flexible platform serving both artists and pedagogues. Its open-source license has led to a vibrant developer community that has contributed to its extension into other regions of computational media, including computer vision, audio processing, networking, data visualization, and tactile media. This hands-on workshop will help both artists looking to get their hands dirty with computer programming and programmers looking to explore their creative side.

Where: Pumping Station: One. 3354 N. Elston, Chicago, IL.
When: Saturday, September 25th, 2010, 4pm.
Cost: FREE
Accessibility: Open to the public

About the presenter

James Patrick Gordon is an emerging digital media artist based in Chicago. His work covers a range of topics in digital and computational media, including responsive environments, augmented reality performance, virtual worlds, interactive narrative, sacred computing, the cultural and social ramifications of information networking, and the convergence of art and social justice.
You can find him on the web at: www.thaumatropia.net, or email him at: [email protected]

About Pumping Station: One

Pumping Station: One is Chicago’s premiere hackerspace and community workshop. Its mission is to foster a collaborative environment wherein people can explore and create intersections between technology, science, art, and culture. Hackers, makers, artists, developers, scientists, and craftsmen come together in a collaborative environment that explores the intersections between technology, art, and culture.
More info can be found at: www.pumpingstationone.org, or email them at: [email protected]

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Explore the Alien Bowels of Haskell at PS:One

When: Thursdays, April 8th & 22nd, 8pm
Where: PS:One, 3354 N. Elston

Like an artifact from an alien civilization–or is it from the future?–Haskell fascinates and confounds. Is it good? Is it evil? What does it want from us? PS:One member Robert Lee has investigated its mysteries, cut the Gordian knot of deep mathematese that surrounds Haskell, and emerged with near-mystical coding powers. He comes to share his newfound wisdom with the coder masses.

He has scheduled his first two classes in April. There will be more afterward, to be scheduled. Bring your laptop. Before we start, he requests you  install GHC and spend some time with Learn You a Haskell For Great Good. This will not be an introduction to programming–you probably need some proficiency with basic programming concepts. If you know what recursion is, you’re probably solid.

He promises you will merely gain familiarity with cutting edge techniques in functional programming. Haskell is not madness-inducing. You may go mad, but if you do, it will have nothing to do with this class.

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Lady Ada Lovelace Day at PS:One TOMORROW

Lady Ada Lovelace Day (the world’s first computer programmer) is tomorrow.

Come join PS1 for our celebration of programming, computers, and women’s contributions to science and technology!

What: Beginners’ programming class, obfuscated code contest, and more!

When: Doors open at 7pm on Wednesday, March 24

Where: 3354 N. Elston Ave, Chicago, IL 60618 (look for the red door)

Cost: Free to the public!

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