Intro to the Arduino – #2 of a 2 part workshop

Arduino Class @ Pumping Station:One

This workshop is part two of a two part intro to the Arduino being held at Pumping Station: One. Part 2 is for people who have a working Arduino setup running on their laptops. The emphasis in part two of the Arduino class is on programming. We’ll assume that you know where the different types of pins are located on the board, and that you can run the blink example. Ask lots of questions!

You will need to bring a laptop. You will need an Arduino. The best choice is Sparkfun’s “Flex” kit If you don’t already have an Arduino, Pumping Station: One will loan you a Flex kit to use during the workshop session. Ask lots of questions!

Arduino Class @ Pumping Station:OneArduino Class @ Pumping Station:One
images are CC BY-NC-SA 3.0

Workshop contents:

  • The Arduino language: a simplified mix of C and C++
  • Programming basics and interactive demos
  • Experiment time to play with programming examples
  • The Arduino language – special libraries
  • Experiment time to play with library examples
  • Arduino shields and i/o modules (demo)

Instructor: Ed Bennett
ed at kinetics and electronics dot com

Tickets are $25 and available  through Eventbrite.

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